Disappointed With Check Point

I have recently started working with Check Point products again, after a 5-year break. This has given me a different perspective on how they are progressing. It has been disappointing to see that they’re still suffering from some of the same old bugs. Some of the core functionality is now showing its age, and is no longer appropriate […]

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gold watch

Don’t Be Afraid of Changing Jobs

Some people are corporate survivors, sticking with one company for decades. Some people move around when it suits, while others would like to move, but are fearful of change. Here’s a few things I’ve learnt about adapting to new work environments. It’s not that scary. Corporate Survivors We’ve all seen the people who seem to […]

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HP SDN App Store

HP SDN App Store Launches

HP’s SDN App Store has finally seen the light of day. This is intended to be a common platform for users and developers, to find and distributed real-world, practical SDN applications. Some of the launch apps include: Network Optimizer, for automated QoS for Lync Network Protector, for security & posture assessment LoadMaster – Load balancing It’s […]

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Dollar Sign

Utility-Based Pricing Troubles Me

Utility, or Consumption-Based pricing models offer an interesting way of matching costs to revenues. But if they’re not managed well, customer costs could blow out just trying to keep the lights on. We’ve come to expect rapidly declining hardware prices. Have vendors realised their utility prices need to decline at a similar rate? I’ve been […]

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Unicorn Small

Knowing Your Audience…and Showing It

We all know that you’re supposed to “Know Your Audience.” Doing so improves engagement, and avoids faux pas like “Suggested Tweets.” But recently I realised that this doesn’t have to be subtle. Drop hints early on in your presentation that you’ve taken the time to understand the audience – it can really lift the mood. Suggested Tweets […]

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The Chassis Switch is Dead

The Chassis Switch is Dead. For most networks, chassis-based switches are no longer appropriate due to cost, inflexibility and risk. I see this as similar to servers, in that server blade chassis are no longer appropriate for most organisations. The alternatives are already better for cost & flexibility. The real question is what our management […]

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Broken Glass

No More Single Panes of Glass

The term “Single Pane of Glass” became something of a running joke during Network Field Day 8. The term has become over-used & abused, and it’s time we stopped using it. Time to find better terminology. According to TechTarget: A single pane of glass is a phrase used by information technology (IT) marketers to describe […]

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ThousandEyes Logo

ThousandEyes – NOC for the Internet?

ThousandEyes is a network monitoring company that provides application performance visibility across the Internet. They don’t just show how an application is performing, but can identify where across the Internet issues are occurring. Ethan Banks has written up some of the use cases. Recently I realised I could start thinking of them as a “NOC for the […]

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Computer Using Cat

Let People Choose Their Own Tools

Why is it that people will pay a lot of money for a consultant’s time and expertise, but then hobble them by limiting the tools they can use? Chris Wahl has written about learning to cope with the default tools and settings: It’s almost a given that anything I own – personally or via my employer – […]

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Rant: Just stop it with the TFTP

TFTP was first defined in 1980. That is a very long time ago in IT, and while it’s had a good run, it’s time for network engineers to stop using TFTP. It’s slow, insecure, and there are better options available. TFTP is an unauthenticated, plain-text file transfer protocol. It is commonly used by network engineers to transfer […]

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