IPv4 Address Transfer Prices Down?

Last year I wrote about the IPv4 Address Transfer Process. Recently I was involved in another IPv4 transfer. I was surprised to see that IPv4 prices have fallen in the last year. I have done some rudimentary analysis of the APNIC transfer statistics to try to figure out why. APNIC publishes statistics on transfers at […]

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Musing: Generalist to Specialist and Back Again

Recently I’ve been musing on IT Generalists vs Specialists. We used to have more generalist roles, covering all parts of the stack. ITIL then pushed us towards greater specialisation. I believe that we’ve gone back to valuing the Generalist, as the person who can glue components together. Will the pendulum swing again? Generalists: Soup-to-Nuts When […]

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NetBeez Review

NetBeez presented at Network Field Day 9, where they showed us their solution for distributed network performance monitoring. They gave the delegates a NetBeez agent to take home and test. I’ve run it for the last two months, and I’ve been happy with how it has performed. Physical Install The unit was supplied with a […]

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Reminder: Solarized for Better Terminals

I have used the “Solarized” colour scheme on my Mac for several years. This is: … a sixteen color palette…designed for use with terminal and gui applications If you spend a lot of time using the Terminal, this makes a huge difference. It gives me the right combination of colours to make sure everything is readable, […]

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Automate All The Things? Maybe Not

I’m fundamentally lazy. That’s why automation appeals: less work for me. Get the machine to do it instead. But automating everything isn’t always the right answer. Sometimes you need to ask yourself: Does this task need to be done at all? Or can I get someone else to do it for me? Automating tasks carries […]

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You can’t put the future on hold

Greg Ferro recently participated in an “Ask Me Anything” thread on Reddit. In that thread, user “1DumbQuestion” made this comment: Last, never finished my CCIE because of what I perceive will happen with SDN in the next coming years. I’ve seen similar comments from others over the last couple of years. This concerns me because […]

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What’s In My Bag (Hint: not much)

Recently @BobMcCouch posted a photo of the contents of his bags. He’s got a lot of gear, including a hammer, and a dent-puller. He assures us that it’s for lifting tiles, but I’m not so sure. Sounds to me like he’s worried about a few dings in the supermarket carpark. It all sounded a bit scary. I want […]

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F5 Data Groups, Wildcards and tmsh

Just a quick note about a problem I ran into with adding data groups to an F5 system using tmsh. I wanted to add a string data group containing a list of URIs mapping to other URIs. This was for use in an iRule that will redirect these URIs. So I thought that this tmsh script would […]

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Firewall Pair

Check Point – Upgrade Without Dropping Connections

Check Point firewall upgrades have always been painful. The loss of connection state is a big part of this. Existing connections stop working, and many applications need restart. It looks like there is a way of minimising this pain on upgrade. Stateful firewalls record the current ‘state’ of traffic passing through, so they can recognise and […]

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IMC Icon

HP IMC Silent Installation

HP IMC installation is normally a manual process, with plenty of clickey clickey clickey. This is OK for production systems, as most sites will only have one or maybe two IMC servers. But for my lab, I wanted to automate the install, so I can quickly spin up a new lab system. I have now found an […]

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