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Check Point – Upgrade Without Dropping Connections

Check Point firewall upgrades have always been painful. The loss of connection state is a big part of this. Existing connections stop working, and many applications need restart. It looks like there is a way of minimising this pain on upgrade. Stateful firewalls record the current ‘state’ of traffic passing through, so they can recognise and […]

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HP IMC Silent Installation

HP IMC installation is normally a manual process, with plenty of clickey clickey clickey. This is OK for production systems, as most sites will only have one or maybe two IMC servers. But for my lab, I wanted to automate the install, so I can quickly spin up a new lab system. I have now found an […]

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DNSSEC – Moving the Needle

The New Zealand ISP market is dominated by Spark, Vodafone & CallPus/Orcon. A side effect of this is that if one player does the Right Thing™, it really moves the needle. Recently, Spark has done the Right Thing with DNSSEC. DNSSEC takeup has been low with New Zealand ISPs. The APNIC stats indicated that around […]

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The Year of IPv6?

IPv6 adoption has been slow. But I think it’s reaching a tipping point. I’m very close to calling 2015 “The year of IPv6.” There’s plenty of people who won’t believe me, but the statistics are very interesting. You need to keep a close on eye on what the data is saying. Recently I asked the […]

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Indeni, Smart Advisors and Crowd-Sourcing

Monitoring needs to move on from traditional fault and performance polling. It should include identifying common misconfigurations and known faults. We’re all using the same technologies, so we’ve all got the same problems. I like the look of Indeni, a new approach to this problem. It uses a form of crowd-sourcing to act as a smart […]

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VeloCloud & Information Brokerage

VeloCloud was the first presenter at Network Field Day 9. They are one of the new breed of SD-WAN vendors. I’m impressed by what they’re doing, and and the potential it offers for re-thinking the way we do WAN connectivity. But I think the most interesting part is the increased visibility into how networks are performing. I […]

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NFD9: Cumulus Networks

Cumulus Networks gave a great presentation at Network Field Day 9. They presented their vision of how they’re working to improve networking. But they were also clear about what they don’t do, and where they will instead enable others. Linux on a switch? Seems natural to me Many network engineers started out running cables, and […]

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Rolling out Change

We all know that “Change is Hard.” But often we, as engineers, focus on the technical aspects of that change. How do I minimise customer impact while upgrading those routers? How can I migrate customer data safely to the new system? But we can forget about the wider implications of what we’re doing. If we […]

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Doing Community Programs Right

You know I’m not the biggest fan of vendor clubs (or influencer marketing programs, call them what you like). But if you’re going to do it, you might as well do it right. Don’t let it just become a ‘free T-shirt club': If you're building the community program – ensure it scales so it doesn't end […]

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CCIE Renewed – Exam 400-101

The problem with obtaining certifications is that you need to renew them. CCIE is no different – I first passed the lab in September 2012, and I was overdue for renewing it. I’m pleased to report that I have now done that, and it is now current until September 2016. Here’s some of my impressions of […]

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