Technical Writing Home

Some of you may know me from my writings at That site works well for my travel writing, but right now I want to do a lot more technical writing. To make things easier for my readers, I’ve decided to split the content up. From now on, technical content will appear here, while non-technical content will remain at

I also often write posts on other blogs and forums, and I’d like to be able to pull those together. I won’t directly reproduce my other content here, but if I think it’s interesting and relevant, I’ll link to it from here. Generally, the technical writing will be around the areas that I work and study in. Right now, that’s things like Network Management, HP Networking, and maybe a little bit of Cisco Security study.

Expect to see the look and feel change around a bit in the next few weeks, as I nail down the layout and theme. More content should begin to flow too.