New Role with Valve

I have started a new role as a Network Engineer with Valve Corporation. My period of unemployment was short-lived, and I am gainfully employed once more.

Not Another Vendor?

Did I think about going to work for another vendor? Yes, I did. I thought a lot about what I want to do, and what type of company I want to work for. Small/medium/large, vendor/customer, Product Manager vs Engineer, etc.

For now, I decided I want to solve business problems using whichever tools are appropriate, rather than building and selling a single product. I didn’t want to work for a company that just consumes technology though. I want to work somewhere that has interesting problems, and will do whatever is needed to solve those problems - build/buy/cobble together.

Why Valve?

Valve is big enough to offer the right level of challenge, but also small enough that I can make a difference. I’m not lost in the machine, but I am working on a global network.

Valve is also quite a different company. Check out the Employee Handbook to get a sense of some of it. Very flat structure, high degree of autonomy, and a great working environment.

It does mean going in to the office every day, a big change from the last few years. But Valve is based in Bellevue, Washington. Easy commute from my house, no traffic issues. Much better than slogging across to Seattle.

Thanks to Everyone

Thanks to everyone in my network who helped me during my job search. I am humbled by the support that people offered, the connections, the opportunities. I was able to talk to many interesting companies, looking at a wide range of roles. I am grateful that I had choices open to me. Most people don’t.

Now I’m looking forward to getting stuck in to learning a new network, uncovering some skeletons, figuring out how to improve things, and making a difference.

Side note: While I was taking time off, I was doing regular exercise, walking, running, riding, every day. Apple Watch streak of over 60 days pushed my target move goal to 1,000 calories. Two weeks into work, disrupted exercise schedule…and now my watch is insulting me, steadily dropping my target back to 800.