Review: Arse First Guide to Technical Blogging

Greg Ferro, of fame, has published a book on blogging: “The Arse First Method of Technical Blogging.” This covers his

…very special “arse-first” writing method that makes short form technical writing easier & achievable for anyone.

It’s a good concise read that covers these key parts of technical blogging:

  • Why should I blog?
  • What do I blog about?
  • How do I publish content?
  • What’s the simplest method for quickly creating content?
  • What are some tips for writing content that other technical people will want to read?

The book is published via Leanpub - this means that the book is not a one-off, final effort. Instead it means that the book will get updated via iterative processes, regularly updated, and you get free access to all updates. It is distributed as DRM-free PDF, ePub and Mobi versions. Make sure you enter your email address so you get notification when updates get released - they’re free.

If you’re thinking about starting a technical blog, I recommend buying this book. It will answer some of your basic setup questions, and give you a sound process for quickly writing blog posts. If you’re already blogging, you might still find a few useful tips and tricks to streamline your writing and publishing processes.

Disclaimer: I purchased this book myself. I have given Greg some feedback on typos, etc. I’m happy to do that, because it’s one small way I can give back to say thanks for Greg’s writing and podcasting efforts.