Network Field Day 9

I had a fantastic time at Network Field Day 8, and now I’ve been lucky enough to be invited back to NFD9 this February.

As usual, the Tech Field Day crew have put together a great mix of vendors. I particularly like the look of the SDN WAN-focused vendors, such as VeloCloud and cloudgenix. Much of the early SDN focus has been on the DC use-case, but that has limited applicability in my local market. SDN WAN solutions definitely apply to the New Zealand market though. I can think of several organisations where I’d love to have better WAN options today.

I’m also very happy to see Cumulus Networks making a first appearance.  I’ve done a lot of Linux work during my career, and there’s many times I would have loved to have all the capabilities of a GNU/Linux environment on a switch. I think they will have a huge influence on how Network OSes are delivered in future.

Network Management has always been a large part of my career too, so I’m looking forward to hearing updates from SolarWinds, and to find out more about NetBeez.

There’s some old faces and new attending. I’m looking forward to meeting people who I’ve only interacted with online, and catching up with people I’ve met before.

I’ll be in the Silicon Valley area for a couple of days before and after the event. I’d love to meet up with other people to talk nerdy while I’m there  - get in touch!