HPN Script Repository on GitHub

Dobias van Ingen is working to get an HP Networking scripting community together. This is to take advantage of various HPN scripting capabilities, such as:

  • Comware 7 provides support for Python and TCL
  • Comware 7 also provides support for NETCONF
  • IMC provides extensive eAPI support
  • HP VAN SDN controller provides API support

There is now a GitHub repo available, containing all the examples from the recent HP ETSS event in Barcelona. All contributions are encouraged, so if you’re doing something interesting, get in touch with Dobias.

I hope that this gets some traction. Often when we write scripts, we’re solving the same problem that many others have. Hopefully we can all contribute and improve each others code, saving time for all of us. Maybe we’ll even figure out how to do things we hadn’t thought possible.