HP IMC 5.1 Review

I wrote a review of HP’s Intelligent Management Center (IMC), at Packetpushers.net. I like the product, but it was not all glowing:

IMC has a lot of good features, at what I consider a reasonable price…There’s also a lot of development going on, with multiple significant new features released in the last year. But at times it feels like IMC has just escaped from the lab – some parts are very well documented, other bits are quite unclear. Occasionally it feels like it was an internal-only tool, but the developers have been told to dress it up and publish it. There’s still a few rough edges, and things like the support process don’t seem to be as slick as they should be, for a company with as much software support experience as HP.

I later followed it up with a review of the 5.1 SP1 update. Interesting changes included Cisco Backups via SSH, KVM support, Display Tiling (big screen views), and Virtual Application Networks. Summary:

If you’re an existing customer, you should probably upgrade.