Extreme Transition At Last

It is now almost 12 months since the first announcement that Broadcom was to acquire Brocade, and sell off the IP parts of the business. It took another 6 months to get confirmation that Extreme Networks would be buying my business unit (SRA).

For regulatory reasons, the Broadcom/Brocade transaction has still not closed. The original plan was to close that deal first, then close the Extreme transaction. But due to the delays, they re-arranged things, and now the Extreme deal has finally closed. Desks have been cleared, moving crews are working all weekend, and come Monday, I will have a new “Extreme Networks” badge.

What does this mean for me? My group is moving to become part of Extreme Networks. In the short term, I keep working with the same core group of people. But now we will be part of a new wider group, with a different strategic focus.

We will have new systems and applications to integrate StackStorm with, new use-cases, and maybe further opportunities beyond StackStorm. So far all signs are pointing to this being a positive move, and I am looking forward to getting this transition behind us.