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DHCPv6 on Juniper SRX-110 - Progress

Last year I posted about my frustrations with getting the DHCPv6 client working on a Juniper SRX-110. I am pleased to report that Juniper has now released 12.1X46-D10.2, which resolves at least some of my issues. I couldn’t find it documented in the Release Notes anywhere, but the parser now allows you to have client-ia-type ia-pd without also requiring client-ia-type ia-na

[email protected]> show configuration interfaces at-1/0/0 unit 0 family inet6 dhcpv6-client 
client-type statefull;
client-ia-type ia-pd;
update-router-advertisement {
    interface vlan.0;
client-identifier duid-type duid-ll;
req-option domain;
req-option dns-server;

[email protected]>

It might not seem like much, but this is real progress for me - now my router can successfully reboot, without needing either a console cable, or resetting to a rescue configuration.

I haven’t yet had a chance to try getting the SRX to pass DHCPv6 prefixes from an external DHCPv6-client interface to the DHCPv6 server operating on an internal interface. In theory it should work, but I haven’t seen a complete working config. I don’t have an urgent need to fix that, as I have it working with RAs.

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