Cisco Political Comments - Why?

I freely admit to not truly understanding the American political/economic system. Sure, I get the general mechanics of it, but I don’t understand the subtle plays, and why people do certain things.

So can someone explain to me why Cisco felt it was necessary to put out a statement about a Congressman becoming House Majority Leader?

“Congratulations to Congressman Kevin McCarthy on becoming House Majority Leader. Kevin is a true champion for California and the innovation economy. Cisco looks forward to continuing to work with Leader McCarthy and other members in Congress to make needed progress on the very real challenges facing our nation and the technology industry.” John Chambers, Cisco Chairman and CEO

I can almost understand some glib statement congratulating a new President, or some such, but why this? Why did Cisco feel they needed to make a public statement, who are they appealing to, and what are they hoping to get out of it? Can anyone explain?

I’m not commenting on whether they should or should not have done it, I’m just trying to understand why they do it.