APIs Alone Aren't Enough

Yes, we know: Your product has an API. Yawn. Sorry for not getting excited. That’s just table stakes now. What I’m interested in is the pre-written integrations and code you have that does useful things with that API.

Because sure, an API lets me integrate my various systems however I want. Theoretically. Just the same way that Bunnings probably sells me all the pieces I need to build a complete house.

If I’m running a small company staffed by developers, then just giving me an API is acceptable. But in a larger company, or one without developer resources, an API alone isn’t enough. I want to see standard, obvious integrations already available, and supported by the vendor.

In this spirit, I’m very pleased to see that ThousandEyes now has a standard integration with PagerDuty:

ThousandEyes appears as a partner integration from which you can receive notifications; and, within ThousandEyes we now have a link to easily add alerts to your PagerDuty account.

You can read more at the ThousandEyes blog.

This is exactly the sort of obvious integration I like to see offered by vendors. When there are clear links between your product and another popular product, then make it easy to connect them together! I still want the API hooks so I can do my own weird custom integration, but there should be minimal friction for the obvious integrations.