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Formatting Matters

Using proper formatting can make it much easier to read code and log samples. Yet so many people don’t bother putting proper formatting around blocks of text. Take some time to learn how to format text in common applications and forums, and make things easier for those trying to help you. What’s easier to read? […]

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Computer Using Cat

Let People Choose Their Own Tools

Why is it that people will pay a lot of money for a consultant’s time and expertise, but then hobble them by limiting the tools they can use? Chris Wahl has written about learning to cope with the default tools and settings: It’s almost a given that anything I own – personally or via my employer – […]

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Maintaining Order: Tools and Tips

I’ve had a couple of questions come up about how I organise my life around work/study. I can’t promise all the answers, but I can relate what I’ve done over the last 18 months. Pretty much all the other certifications I’ve studied for were trivially easy compared to CCIE, or I was studying full-time, as […]

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