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HP Network Simulator – VirtualBox Version Issue

HP has released an updated Network Simulator. This uses VirtualBox to provide a hypervisor, as opposed to QEMU in earlier versions. When I tried it previously, it was unusably slow. This was in part due to my using nested virtualisation. The new version runs much better with nested virtualisation, although it’s still not fantastic – […]

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HPN Script Repository on GitHub

Dobias van Ingen is working to get an HP Networking scripting community together. This is to take advantage of various HPN scripting capabilities, such as: Comware 7 provides support for Python and TCL Comware 7 also provides support for NETCONF IMC provides extensive eAPI support HP VAN SDN controller provides API support There is now […]

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HP IMC 7.0 E0202: Steady Improvements

When I’m evaluating products, I’m more interested in their progression and development, than the exact feature list currently shipping. I like products that have a frequent release cycle, with a clear feature roadmap, even if they have a few rough edges. Better that than an OK product that hardly ever sees updates. HP IMC is […]

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How Not to Publish Documentation

Good documentation is critical to the success of any product. Write clear deployment & configuration information, and you’ll have a higher project success rate. Detailed command references and troubleshooting information shorten the time it takes to resolve issues, and reduces support calls. But writing high-quality content is only one part of it. You have to make sure […]

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HP Master ASE VIP Support

HP has announced that HP Master ASE holders can now get VIP support. This is supposed to give me:   Personalized 24/7 hotline for all Master ASE certified engineers, with preferential access to an experienced HP engineer upon validation Exclusive, enhanced access to HP networking senior product and solutions engineers from HP support teams and […]

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Best of Interop – Look at the Categorisation

The “Best of Interop 2014 Finalists” have been announced. Pretty much all the products and technologies that you would expect, but I found the categorisation interesting. As you’d expect, there’s an “SDN” category. This year’s finalists are: Application Policy Infrastructure Controller (APIC) for Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure – Cisco Hydrogen – OpenDaylight Project VMware NSX […]

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HP Simware – Comware OS Simulator

HP recently released “Simware”, a Comware network simulator that lets you create test networks of emulated Comware switches and routers. This can be used to create “virtual” networks, ideal for learning, feature validation, and change testing. It’s broadly similar to Dynamips. It’s not perfect, and it’s been a long time coming, but it’s a start. […]

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HP VSR Portal Redirection

When implementing HP IMC UAM, you may need to redirect users to the IMC webserver, for device registration & configuration, and obtaining user 802.1x certificates. One method of doing this is to put users into an initial “Registration” VLAN, and configure an HP Comware device to redirect all web traffic. Here’s how to do it […]

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Software Support – Are You Getting Value?

Companies pay a lot of money for software support. But do they always get value for it, and do vendors sometimes prolong the “supported” life of a product simply to bank extra revenue? We should hold vendors to account, and demand better. What Does Software Support Cover? Support covers two components: Break/fix support: If you strike […]

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Can’t Start HP IMC on Linux?

I was recently asked about how to start IMC on a Linux server. After the initial installation, the system had been restarted, and now IMC wasn’t running. How to start it again? All of my previous installations had been on Windows, where I knew exactly what to do. I knew the process would be almost […]

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