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Formatting Matters

Using proper formatting can make it much easier to read code and log samples. Yet so many people don’t bother putting proper formatting around blocks of text. Take some time to learn how to format text in common applications and forums, and make things easier for those trying to help you. What’s easier to read? […]

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Burnt Out Car

Too Many Communities

I have come to realise that I’ve tried to take part in too many communities, and it’s getting me down. Too many forums filled with too much noise, too many people not doing basic research. Too much time on my part to scroll through various RSS feeds & email lists. Time to re-evaluate what I’m […]

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HP Communities – Enabling Full Post Content Email

The HP Communities forums offer email subscriptions for threads you’ve participated in, or all posts for a specific message board. By default these emails only contain the subject of the post, along with a lot of other text you don’t care about. Here’s how to make those emails useful, by including the post content: Go to http://h30499.www3.hp.com/ and […]

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Young Boy at School Raising His Hand to Answer in Class

Asking Questions on Forums the Right Way

I’ve spent a lot of time on technical and non-technical forums over the last 10+ years. I’ve written thousands of posts on places like CPUG, CPshared, Thorntree, Packetpushers, NetOps, HP Support Forums, IEOC, etc. I’ve never received any financial gain for it, not even so much as a free T-shirt. No jobs, no promotions, nothing. […]

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