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F5 APM, SRX and DTLS NAT Timeout

I have been having issues using the F5 APM client behind a Juniper SRX-110 using hide NAT. I believe I’ve tracked it down to the default timeout settings used for UDP services. Here’s what I did to resolve it. Constant Connection Timeouts The laptop client was behind the SRX-110, using hide NAT. The initial client connection […]

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F5 Data Groups, Wildcards and tmsh

Just a quick note about a problem I ran into with adding data groups to an F5 system using tmsh. I wanted to add a string data group containing a list of URIs mapping to other URIs. This was for use in an iRule that will redirect these URIs. So I thought that this tmsh script would […]

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iRules/Tcl – Watch the Comments

It’s pretty common practice to ‘comment out’ lines in scripts. The code stays in place, but doesn’t get executed. Perfect for testing, when you might need more debug output, or you want to run a slightly different set of actions. But you have to be careful when commenting out lines – it might catch you out, and […]

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