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Rate my IOS?

Review schemes are useful for identifying good consumer products and applications. But that doesn’t mean that everything needs to prompt me to leave a review. Cisco has started prompting for reviews for IOS versions, but I’m not convinced it makes sense for network operating systems. Perhaps it will do one day when disaggregated hardware/software is the norm for network devices. […]

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Network Gear Pricing – Software vs Hardware

Network equipment pricing has traditionally been based around hardware, even though most of the cost comes from the software. Trends such as bare-metal switching will clarify this cost/price relationship. But are we already seeing software showing up as a clear component of the prices of network gear? Pricing vs Costs: Hidden Software Charges The always excellent @mbushong recently […]

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Who Said Comments Are Dead?

We don’t see as many comments on blog posts these days, as most discussion has moved to other forums, such as Twitter or Google+. But this doesn’t mean that comments are completely dead. In his book on Technical Blogging, Greg Ferro says that comment volumes have dropped over the last few years: “Five years ago I […]

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Cisco Political Comments – Why?

I freely admit to not truly understanding the American political/economic system. Sure, I get the general mechanics of it, but I don’t understand the subtle plays, and why people do certain things. So can someone explain to me why Cisco felt it was necessary to put out a statement about a Congressman becoming House Majority Leader? […]

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Is Cisco Struggling with Their ACI Messaging?

Cisco ACI represents a significant shift in the way we approach networking. This sort of shift will need massive customer education to explain their new vision. I’m getting the impression that Cisco is frustrated that their new messaging is not well-understood, and they feel that public perception is wrong, particularly in regards to NSX. Cisco […]

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How Not to Publish Documentation

Good documentation is critical to the success of any product. Write clear deployment & configuration information, and you’ll have a higher project success rate. Detailed command references and troubleshooting information shorten the time it takes to resolve issues, and reduces support calls. But writing high-quality content is only one part of it. You have to make sure […]

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IOS-XR: Stuck between SNMP and SDN

SNMP may be outdated, and is definitely unloved, but it still serves a purpose. We’re moving to a new world, with new methods and data structures for interrogating and configuring our network devices. This is a Good Thing, but we’re not there yet, and this leaves us stuck in limbo for trying to solve Real […]

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Help: IMC Doesn’t Support My New Cisco Switch!

I’ve recently been asked about using IMC to backup newer Cisco devices, such as the 4500X, or 3850. HP has not yet validated the backup process for these devices, so it’s not officially supported by IMC. But you and I know that a backup for a new IOS-based device looks pretty much the same as […]

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CCIE Version 5 Update

UPDATE 4/12/13 – this is now official – see https://learningnetwork.cisco.com/docs/DOC-22703. Once I’ve had a chance to digest the changes, I’ll post some thoughts. An update to the CCIE Routing and Switching blueprint has been strongly rumoured over the last year, but with no official confirmation. The Cisco Live Milan program schedule has been published, and it […]

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Logging source-interface with VRFs

Some Cisco routers I work with use multiple VRFs. A specific VRF is used for management, and the loopback interface is in that VRF. All SNMP + SSH access is via that Loopback interface. This is the Right Way to do it, as it ensures that I can always access the same IP address, regardless […]

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