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Add Brocade MLX & VDX Support to HP IMC

HP IMC 7.1 E0303P13 does not support configuration backups for Brocade MLX & VDX devices. But they do have an extensible model, so it’s easy to add support. Here’s how to do it, and how to fix the Brocade ICX support. Here’s the steps to add support for MLX & VDX devices to HP IMC: Download […]

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Brocade Certified vRouter Engineer

If you’ve visited the Brocade website recently, you’ve probably seen the “Free NFV Certification” banner. I signed up for this several months ago, but had put off completing the course. I had a little downtime recently prior to starting work at Brocade, so I completed this course & exam. Here’s my impressions. What’s the Course/Exam About? […]

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Knowing Your Audience…and Showing It

We all know that you’re supposed to “Know Your Audience.” Doing so improves engagement, and avoids faux pas like “Suggested Tweets.” But recently I realised that this doesn’t have to be subtle. Drop hints early on in your presentation that you’ve taken the time to understand the audience – it can really lift the mood. Suggested Tweets […]

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