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Brocade Certified vRouter Engineer

If you’ve visited the Brocade website recently, you’ve probably seen the “Free NFV Certification” banner. I signed up for this several months ago, but had put off completing the course. I had a little downtime recently prior to starting work at Brocade, so I completed this course & exam. Here’s my impressions. What’s the Course/Exam About? […]

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F5 APM, SRX and DTLS NAT Timeout

I have been having issues using the F5 APM client behind a Juniper SRX-110 using hide NAT. I believe I’ve tracked it down to the default timeout settings used for UDP services. Here’s what I did to resolve it. Constant Connection Timeouts The laptop client was behind the SRX-110, using hide NAT. The initial client connection […]

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IPv4 Address Transfer Prices Down?

Last year I wrote about the IPv4 Address Transfer Process. Recently I was involved in another IPv4 transfer. I was surprised to see that IPv4 prices have fallen in the last year. I have done some rudimentary analysis of the APNIC transfer statistics to try to figure out why. APNIC publishes statistics on transfers at […]

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Reminder: Solarized for Better Terminals

I have used the “Solarized” colour scheme on my Mac for several years. This is: … a sixteen color palette…designed for use with terminal and gui applications If you spend a lot of time using the Terminal, this makes a huge difference. It gives me the right combination of colours to make sure everything is readable, […]

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F5 Data Groups, Wildcards and tmsh

Just a quick note about a problem I ran into with adding data groups to an F5 system using tmsh. I wanted to add a string data group containing a list of URIs mapping to other URIs. This was for use in an iRule that will redirect these URIs. So I thought that this tmsh script would […]

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The Year of IPv6?

IPv6 adoption has been slow. But I think it’s reaching a tipping point. I’m very close to calling 2015 “The year of IPv6.” There’s plenty of people who won’t believe me, but the statistics are very interesting. You need to keep a close on eye on what the data is saying. Recently I asked the […]

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VeloCloud & Information Brokerage

VeloCloud was the first presenter at Network Field Day 9. They are one of the new breed of SD-WAN vendors. I’m impressed by what they’re doing, and and the potential it offers for re-thinking the way we do WAN connectivity. But I think the most interesting part is the increased visibility into how networks are performing. I […]

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NFD9: Cumulus Networks

Cumulus Networks gave a great presentation at Network Field Day 9. They presented their vision of how they’re working to improve networking. But they were also clear about what they don’t do, and where they will instead enable others. Linux on a switch? Seems natural to me Many network engineers started out running cables, and […]

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Software Defined WAN, or SD-WAN, looks to be a theme of Network Field Day 9, with presenters such as CloudGenix and VeloCloud showing us their offerings. At first glance, SD-WAN sounds pretty compelling. Who wouldn’t want to slash their WAN OpEx? How do these solutions work, and do they have legs? I’m hoping to find out. […]

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Updated Big Switch Labs

Just a quick note to say that Big Switch have updated their demo lab system. This is an entirely virtual lab environment that simulates a Big Switch network. You can try out both Big Cloud Fabric and Big Tap Monitoring Fabric. The lab gives you full CLI & GUI access to a sandboxed environment, with […]

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