This is my general disclaimer, and applies to all my posts. Should I have anything more specific to add in relation to any specific post, I will add it to that post.

As of May 2015, I work for Brocade as a Product Manager. I will strive to maintain balance in anything I write here, but you can assume that there will be some level of bias. I may also be constrained in what I can say about Brocade or its competitors – e.g. I’ll be limited in what I can say about future roadmaps.

I have never been paid for anything I write here (or anywhere else), nor have I been unduly influenced by any vendor. Of course, this does not mean that vendors have not tried their best to ensure that I see their products in a favourable light! I am grateful for the assistance I have been given, and help in trying to answer my questions.

HP covered my costs to attend HP Discover in 2012 (Las Vegas) and 2013 (Las Vegas & Barcelona). They also gave me a few miscellaneous small items – e.g. an external USB drive, and power pack for charging portable devices.

Juniper gave me an electronic copy of “Juniper SRX Series.”

The sponsors of Network Field Days 8 and 9 indirectly covered my travel and miscellaneous costs to attend those event. Some of those presenters also gave me some branded items. They do not place any obligation upon to me to write anything, favourable or otherwise.

Some vendors give me early access to software, or they share future roadmaps with me. That may mean that I have access to some information that is not yet in the public domain. I respect that, and in all such instances, I will withhold publication until official announcements are made.

Make sure you do your own research before making major purchasing decisions based upon my opinions. Similarly, do your own research before making changes to production systems based upon something you read here. I do my best, but I make mistakes too.